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Part 1 - FAQs on Indian Stock Market

        Class 01:- Why does the stock market exist?

        Class 02:- How does someone make money in the stock market?

        Class 03:- Why do people lose money in the Stock Market?

        Class 04:- What are the risks of investing in stocks?

        Class 05:- Why does the stock market go up and down?

        Class 06:- How to invest in the stock market without taking anyone help?

        Class 07:- What is DEMAT and Trading Account and Trading terminal?

        Class 08:- What is the difference between investing and trading?

        Class 09:- When is the right time to enter and exit from the Stock Market?

        Class 10:- What are the ways to Invest in the Stock Market?

        Class 11:- Who are stockbrokers and whom to choose?

        Class 12:- Who are the Investors of the Stock Market?

Part 2 - Building blocks of the course

        Class 13:- Basics of economics

        Class 14:- Knowing Indian Economy

        Class 15:- Porter's five forces

        Class 16:- Know different organised sectors of the Indian economy.

        Class 17:- Learn to map economy need with sector performance.

Part 3 - Fundamental analysis

        Class 18:- Introduction of Fundamental analysis

        Class 19:- Qualitative aspect of fundamental analysis

        Class 20:- Quantitative part of the fundamental study introduction

        Class 21:- Understanding the balance sheet of the company

        Class 22:- Understanding Profit and Loss statement

        Class 23:- Understanding CASH flow statement of the company

        Class 24:- Financial ratio analysis

        Class 25:- Understanding relative valuation and intrinsic valuation difference.

        Class 26:- Equity research practice

Part 4- Futures & Options

        Class 27:- Introduction to risk management

        Class 28:- Derivative Market overview

        Class 29:- Understanding Future contracts

        Class 30:- Understanding Future pricing, premium and discounts

        Class 31:- Leverage, margin, M2M and payoffs

        Class 32:- Risk management scenarios with Future contracts

        Class 33:- Understanding Call options

        Class 34:- Understanding Put Options

        Class 35:- Understanding option pricing

        Class 36:- Risk management solutions using options

        Class 37:- Learn Basics & advanced theory on Commodity Market

Part 5 - Technical analysis

        Class 38:- Do I need to learn technical analysis?

        Class 39:- Core Concept of Technical Analysis

        Class 40:- Complete Study of Candlesticks Patterns & Trade setup

        Class 41:- Complete Study of Indicators for both Intraday trading & Swing trading

        Class 42:- Complete Study of Chart Patterns

        Class 43:- Complete Study of Price Action Theory

        Class 44:- Why not go for technical analysis as an investor?

        Class 45:- Challenges of technical analysis for traders?

Part 6 - Proven Profitable Trading Strategies 

        Class 46:- Trading Strategy of Morning Session Trading

        Class 47:- Buffettology strategy for Long term investment 

        Class 48:- JackPot Strategy on Weekly Expiry day to turn 10K capital to 1L profit 

        Class 49:- Strategy based on Candlesticsks+Indicators+Common Senses

        Class 50:- Strategy based on Price Action with 95% accuracy rate

Part 7 - Case studies on Stock Market

        Class 51:- The great depression of 1929

        Class 52:- Harshad Mehta scam

        Class 53:- Ketan Parekh Scam

        Class 54:- Rise and Fall of Renuka Sugars Stock

        Class 55:- Case of Kingfisher airlines

        Class 56:- Satyam computers scam

        Class 57:- Rise and Fall of Unitech

        Class 58:- Rise and Fall of JP Associate

        Class 59:- Ten companies which gave the best return in India

        Class 60:- Ten companies which collectively eroded the maximum wealth of Indian Investors

Part 8 - Become Full-time trader & Opportunities of                    Stock Market in India 

        Class 61:- Different job roles and skill set requirement in Stock Market

        Class 62:- Exposure on advisory and consulting opportunities in the stock market.

        Class 63:- How to start your own business in the Stock market?


Course Duration        - 25 Hours               

Course Batches         - Weekend and WeekDays batches

Number of Students   - 5 to 8 participants 

Regular Fees             - 20,400/- rs [Including gst] 

Offer Fees                - only 10,500/- rs [including gst]

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