• Hanamant Kullur


Being an Engineering graduate, after trying many things at an early age in life took the decision to make a career in the Stock market as Trader, Trainer & Portfolio manager. It’s been 8 Years since I started my journey in the stock market.

Previously I just heard about this story called “ Harshad Mehta Scam 1992 “ and for me, it was just another scam that took place in India like that. And i never took interest to go through also.

When i got to know that SONY LIV released webseries of Harshad Mehta story then i just wanted to watch for time pass !! But after watching the first episode i felt , There is something Great in this story and watched the whole 10 episodes continuously 10 hours almost with same curiosity till the last minute of the episode.

I can say, It is just awesome, Superb !!

After watching THE BIG BULL HARSHAD MEHTA’s 15 Years of life from ZERO to HERO to CRIMINAL, Learnt lots of life lessons & stock market lessons in 10 hours !!

I wish every Trader & Investor should Learn those lessons to make sure lead better life !!

  • STOCK MARKET can also be called as SHOCK MARKET because It can surprise you anytime and you should better be prepared to face it better.

  • RISK hai toh ISHQ hai !!! [ Those who created history took risks in their life and It’s must . But most important thing is “ It should be calculated RISK “

  • Never ever Reveal your next move to anyone in life and in business too. This one was top lesson from BIG BULL

  • Always have patience in life and also in Stock Market , because anything can change at any point of time till end .

  • Every Problem has it’s solution but make sure you think all the ways to find a proper solution.

  • In life & in Stock Market, Always look for Permanent solutions even if it takes more time to solve issues. Never ever look for easy solution if it creates another big problem in future.

  • In life Always look for Long term decisions to make money and also to make decision rather than making a decision which shows short term gains but long term pain !

  • In any kind of situation, never ever feel like it’s over. Always there will be way. Like everytime Harshad Mehta comes out from his problems with patience.

  • Never ever Invest your money in stock market by lending money or by loan or by promising assured returns . Stock Market can do anything at anytime !! Better to take risk that can be digestible not like taking big risks like Harshad Mehta .

  • Always observe everyone closely with whom you are surrounded with.

  • Always have humble and learning attitude towards anything to learn in life.

  • Mehta never hesitated to start learning anything at any point of time..

  • Always say YES in life to whatever it comes, then LEARN & MASTER it !!

  • Never think few things are impossible in life. Harshad Never ever said “ IMPOSSIBLE “, he just started learning and then mastered.

  • Never ever try to defeat the Stock Market. I repeat Never Ever !!

  • To build a Fortune, First Build Great Team and Great Leaders who can multiply it among the team!!

  • Always think positive in life and in Stock market whatever the situations may be . Never ever give up !! Harshad was a Great example of it.

These are a few lessons which i learnt and noticed from web-episode “ SCAM 1992- HARSHAD MEHTA STORY” !!